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Empowering long-term success of your business and enabling sustainable growth of your company is our mission at Oakridge. We are dedicated to assisting purpose-driven startups, SMEs, and social initiatives by providing them with essential working capital, management guidance, operational resources, and customized business acceleration services.
Whether you're launching a new venture or a project in Luxembourg, we are here to aid you in every step of the way.


Oakridge's philosophy

Oakridge Ventures is a Luxembourg-based company dedicated to impact & venture investing and providing business acceleration services to startups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


Our company was established with the purpose of building sustainable and responsible long-term business opportunities, engaging in projects that make a positive impact, and fostering the development and growth of startups and SMEs in a sustainable manner.


Our foundation rests upon a strong team, an entrepreneurial ethos, substantial experience in managing diverse private enterprises, and years of continuous personal development. We act as local business partners, exerting every necessary effort to enable the companies we support to effectively accomplish their core mission.


Driven by purpose, guided by pragmatism, and dedicated to people and results, we maintain a keen focus on quality and stakeholder satisfaction. We are deeply passionate about moving things forward and facilitating sustainable growth. We are committed to sharing our extensive business knowledge and experience, and ensuring that your mission is not only accomplished but also thrives.

Our Mission

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Oakridge Ventures offers seed and early-stage funding to enterprises that champion innovative solutions, aiming to create lasting, positive impact in response to environmental and societal challenges in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have a particular interest in supporting projects within the fields of Life Science/Health, Environmental Innovation, Sustainability, and Education. As an engaged & active investor, and strategic partner, Oakridge brings more than just financial backing to the table. We contribute our extensive expertise in business management, operations set-up, strategy and governance, all of which are vital components in ensuring the success of each project we undertake.

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At Oakridge, we support projects that deliver substantial and measurable societal and environmental benefits. Our goal is to empower our partners in expanding their influence and effectively catalysing positive change. We actively seek collaborations and purpose-driven initiatives, whether with private enterprises, local organizations, or public institutions.

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At Oakridge we understand the key elements necessary for any business existence, regardless of its size or stage of development: a well-defined business strategy, financial stability, effective organizational structure and governance, engaged and motivated employees, and the right ecosystem. We offer tailored acceleration and mentoring services to help startups define and accelerate their development journey - always with a focus on the social, financial and environmental impact of each actions. We're here to support your efforts, sharing our knowledge and experience to ensure your mission thrives, and your business becomes a sustainable organization.

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